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Window cleaning advices and top rated provider in West Melbourne


Looking for a top quality window cleaning company in West Melbourne? Here are some cleaning advices and an introduction for MelbWestCleaners, a top company in West Melbourne.

How to clean windows with lemon: This is a simple alternative to window cleaners that both cleans and has a mild abrasive action. Simply cut a lemon in half, taking care to remove all pips, and rub the lemon half all over your window, finishing with a lint-free cloth. This method will work best on smaller windows as it’s quite labour- (and lemon-) intensive. Find more ways to clean your home with lemon using our guide.

Are you moving out of a home or rental? It’s good etiquette to leave a home in good shape for the next family. Sometimes it’s part of your rental agreement to leave a place the way you found it. And who doesn’t look forward to getting back that security deposit? If you are renting, check your lease agreement. Sometimes the landlord will leave a list of exactly what is expected. For example, mopping the garage floor… you probably didn’t think of that! But maybe your landlord has. Plug any holes in the walls and touch up paint. If you are an owner selling a home, leave the leftover house paint for the new owners. After moving in, there are sure to be some touch ups needed. Take all your furniture! Unless it was specified in the sale, do not leave the new owners with your leftover furniture donations. Moving is already hard work — let’s not add more to the to-do list. Read more details on Steam Cleaning West Melbourne.

Need to find a pro for your Carpet Cleaning? Your carpet is so comfortable because of its soft cushion, but this also means that it is very absorbent as well. Stains will eventually occur and just because your carpet is stain-resistant doesn’t mean the stain can be ignored. This “resistance” simply buys you time for purposes of clean-up. There are several cleaning techniques out there depending on the type of stain, each with pros and cons: Dry Powder: Easy and cheap, dry powder is good for overall greasy stains. Simply apply the dry powder over the stain, let it absorb the grease and oils, and then vacuum. Of course, this may not work as well for heavier stains, and you’ll need a vacuum strong enough to grab all the powder off the carpet.

It’s not an easy to task to balance your busy schedule with keeping your home or office clean. Luckily, we are the cleaners Melbourne that are here to make it easier for you. Our professional cleaning service is the best way to make sure that your home or office is always looked after, even if your busy schedule doesn’t allow you time for cleaning. We can do any cleaning chore that you need done around either your home, office or commercial space. This includes not only general cleaning, but a range of specialised cleaning tasks as well, such as window cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and more. Find more info on

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