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Abel Prasad is a business man , he runs a personal blog, but also tacklinkg lots of other subjects and topics. From short motivational texts to daily life advices, you can read a lot of interesting things on his blog.

He is also posting about hot subjects right now like defending your property or having a good social life.

Here is a small quote : With the Festive season over many of us have been wondering how to lose the weight and some of us don’t want to hit the gym.

So here are some quick ways to lose 500 calories each day….

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Abel is also running a hydro products / home brewing business, you can check it here Here are some home brewing advices :

Start Simple

Let’s take things slow. Chances are your equipment came with a beginner’s recipe kit for something like a basic American pale ale, amber ale, or porter. Stick with something like one of those beers at first and resist the urge to tart it up with a load of additional ingredients. Straightforward recipes will make it easier for you to get your footing and to figure out what went right and what went wrong once the beers are finished.

There’ll be plenty of future batches when you can get all Sam Calagione with multiple fruit, spice and exotic wood additions.

Do a mummy bag mash.

Taking the plunge on a mash tun can seem like a pretty big investment when you’re just getting started, and some homebrewers think they can’t start brewing all-grain beers without one. Wrong! If you have a high-quality sleeping bag, simply do your mash in your brew kettle (heat off!) and then wrap it well in a sleeping bag for 60 minutes. You’ll be surprised at how well the temperature holds. Check it after about 15 minutes and add boiling water if you need to bring the temperature up a little.

You can also use a sleeping bag to warm up your fermentor.

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