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Tricks for product development


Searching for Product design & development services ? Good design is timeless, and if you design your product well, it will last the test of time. Long-lasting products are more valuable to consumers, better for the planet, and are a testament to the skills of the designer. Think of all the great vintage items you have in your home or grew up with. Antiques, vintage clothing, old cars — these things are still with us today because the people who designed them built them to last. Good design never goes out of style.

Customer feedback will be invaluable to you as an entrepreneur. In fact, it’s also extremely valuable to well-established businesses with well-known products for sale. At the end of the day, the idea is to satisfy a need for consumers. Their feedback – good or bad – can be extremely valuable. An entrepreneur need not give up on something if customer feedback is bad, but rather, take that negative information and apply it to help improve their existing idea or product. Nothing is impossible. Travis Lubinsky tells entrepreneurs must invest the time in analyzing the market before heading to work on a product. “There is nothing worse than spending your time and resources on developing a product that has no demand,” Lubinsky says. See more details at Start-up consulting.

Typography — the fonts you choose and the way you use them say a lot about your brand. For example, just think about the difference between using a traditional serif font such as Times New Roman versus more modern, streamlined font such as Gotham — or even a custom font. Each makes a statement; be sure it’s the statement you’re seeking to make. Color Palette — individual colors, and color combinations, have the power to evoke different emotional experiences and reactions in your customers, which means understanding the psychology of color can be an especially valuable asset for entrepreneurs. Consider the ability of blue to instill confidence and calm, or yellow and orange to spark youthful energy and enthusiasm for example. For more specifics on choosing colors according to your industry sector and intended positioning, 99designs offers much more detail in a report here.

Start-Up tip of the day : Find out what your customers want: Blindly assuming you know what your customers want could prove costly. Fortunately, researching it first doesn’t have to be expensive—you can search forums, ask questions on social media, or spend some money on surveying opinions (and save yourself a pricey mistake!) While you need enough money to give your startup every chance of success, bear in mind that having too much can make you lazy and all too willing to part with your cash. Of course, you may want the option to access emergency funds—you’ll just have to make sure you can stick to a strict budget and define what exactly an emergency is. Source:

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