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Quality B2C outreach experts and methods with Viplove Bhojwani


B2C lead generation experts and methods by Viplove Bhojwani in 2024: Create A Content Strategy That Accounts For Your Goals – When you have reached this stage of your planning process, it’s finally time to create your content strategy. All of your content, whether it’s a blog post, an infographic or a video, should tie-in with your goals and business plan. Ideally, you should also consult your audience personas and competition research when planning your content. Most digital marketing agencies create content buckets at this point, where they document potential ideas that they can draw from when creating content for each day or week. Some of them even create detailed social media content calendars and place ideas in them in advance. Once you have your content strategy planned, it’s time to create a budget, decide on resources and assign roles to members of your team. Part of your resources should also be dedicated to monitoring the progress of your plan as it is executed. Read extra details on

When you publish a flattering case study of a client, they’re likely to link back to it. When you include an industry influencer’s quote in an article they could link to it and/or even post it to their enormous social media following. This is good publicity for them. When you announce a webinar, others may link to it as a means of sharing with their audience. When you publish a list and link to each entity there is a list of sites who could link back to you. Your goal with each type of content is to provide so much value that others want to link back. You get the point – content is a very much needed marketing tool. Most of your time may go into creating content for your blog, but you don’t want to stop there.

Viplove Bhojwani has a diverse work experience in various roles and companies. They started their career at ERPINNEWS in 2014 as a Digital Marketing Manager, where they worked until January 2019. During their time there, they were also appointed as the Head of Content & Marketing, where they were responsible for developing digital strategies, managing the website, and improving the brand image. They utilized their expertise in SEO, PPC, and social media marketing.

Augmenting Data Coverage with External Sources – While LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides valuable insights, its coverage may be limited to LinkedIn users. To overcome this limitation, businesses should consider integrating external data sources that offer a more comprehensive view of the B2B landscape. By combining LinkedIn Sales Navigator with other databases, businesses can expand their reach, identify prospects who are not actively present on LinkedIn, and gain a more diverse pool of potential leads.

In 2016, Viplove Bhojwani joined MarketSquads as the Director of Sales and Business Development. They held this position until October 2020 when they became the Chief Executive Officer. They are currently still employed at MarketSquads. Additionally, in 2020, Viplove Bhojwani became a Business Partner (EMEA) at Experiment 27: Marketing for Mobile App Development Agencies. With their experience in digital marketing, sales, and business development, Viplove has acquired a diverse skill set that positions them well for future career opportunities.

Viplove Bhojwani obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a specialization in Marketing from Harvard Business School, where they studied from 2013 to 2015. They then acquired additional certifications and education from various institutions. In 2017, Viplove attended the HubSpot Academy and received a certification in Inbound Marketing. They also obtained the Content Marketing Certified certification from the same institution.

In the same year, Viplove Bhojwani completed a course in Email Marketing from the HubSpot Academy. Additionally, Viplove acquired several certifications from different online platforms. In 2019 and 2020, they earned certifications such as Learn LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Jonah Berger on Viral Marketing from LinkedIn, as well as Time Management Fundamentals and Professional Networking from They also obtained various certifications in digital marketing, including Google Analytics and advertising on Facebook and LinkedIn. Viplove’s education history demonstrates a strong commitment to continuous learning and professional development in the field of marketing.

Finding the best B2B leads can be a challenging task, but by using these sneaky tactics, you can identify high-quality leads and boost your sales. If you’re still struggling with your B2B sales strategy, don’t worry! As the CEO of, a leading B2B sales consultancy, I am here to help. Book a free sales strategy session with me today to see how we can work together to take your sales to the next level. This is a no-obligation session, so what are you waiting for? Let’s chat and see how we can grow your business!

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