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Let’s discuss about scandalous fashion collections


Disturbing fashion collections guide! Swimwear label Bfyne accused Brazilian fashion designer Silvia Ulson of plagiarism after seeing Ulson’s collection at Miami Swim Week this summer. A rep for Bfyne told HuffPost about the similarities between its “Sahara” collection, which took inspiration from the brand’s Nigerian culture, and Ulson’s collection, which was apparently inspired by indigenous Brazilian cultures. On top of that, Ulson’s show featured mostly white models wearing the African-inspired swimsuits paired with Native American-inspired feathered headdresses. The whole scenario was just another reminder that plagiarism and appropriation still exist in fashion, and, no, they are not OK.

Alexander McQueen’s Spring/Summer 2000 Collection, “Eye”, Alexander McQueen presented his Spring/Summer 2000 collection in New York on the night of Hurricane Floyd. The show, entitled Eye, dealt with the theme of Western fears of Islam and many of the clothes in the show directly referenced traditional Islamic dress. The show was particularly controversial because it featured sexualized versions of the niqaab and featured models in burqas flying over a bed of nails that had risen from the floor during the finale.

Designers Refusing To Dress Melania Trump, After the election of Donald Trump, several designers grappled with how to handle dressing the new First Lady, Melania Trump. Sophie Theallet wrote a public letter stating that she would not be dressing Melania (despite the fact that she had done so for former First Lady Michelle Obama) because of her husband’s policies. Following the letter, other designers followed suit including Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs. For her first Presidential appearance at the inauguration, Melania ended up wearing an American designer, Ralph Lauren.

Already controversial to some extent for choosing to dress primarily men rather than focusing on women’s fashion like the majority of the industry, Rick Owens is known for its gothy, all-black aesthetic. Adopting something of an outcast position, the brand is beloved by its fans but, like its monochrome look tends to draw a black or white reaction from the public. You either love or hate Rick Owens. One of the most talked about fashion shows of recent years was the Owens Fall/Winter 2015 season, Sphinx, which featured male models wearing garments with cut-outs designed to show off their members. We should have known better than to expect anything else from the house: the fashion world knows that Owens doesn’t shy away from controversy, but the peen-peek stunt still erupted on the internet, spurring a frenzy of shocked posts. Of the collection, Owens explained that the focus put on the model’s members was an effort to incorporate a childish or juvenile aspect to the presentation.

Another shocking fashion line is Headhunters Line, a very bold fashion line that already generated a lot of controversy. Sex, guns, controversial message, this fashion clothing line has them all. See extra details at The most dangerous clothing line.

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