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Art of Beer museum


Do you enjoy drinking beer so much that this makes you a dedicated beer fan wanting to have a beer themed phone case or a beer themed backpack? Did you ever imagined that there are online shops focused on Crafted Beer Themed Artwork ? Craft Beer Art project is one (maybe one of the very few) of them, specialized in providing unique, custom artwork beer themed gifts and accessories.

What can you see on the Craft Beer Art project ? Some of the things there are so wild that probably you never tought they exist. Like blankets with custom design based on beer labels. In fact, everything for sale there is based on real, existing beer labels. Would you like to go to the beach with a beer themed beach towel ? They exist there! Do you like spending time doing puzzles? Why not doing a beer themed puzzle? You can also find beer themed stickers, pet beds, materials, posters and more.

In addition to selling beer themed crafted works of art they try to create the first museum dedicated to the preserving and celebrating the history and impact of art on the beer industry. You can help them to achieve this goal by signing their petition or contributing to their cause. Beer lovers and Art lovers can unite to help create something truly awesome!! Sign the petition here: Create an art of beer museum!

Let’s see what kind of beer labels are used while doing a short overview of the best beer brands in the world. Toppling Goliath Brewing Company’s Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout is creamy and satisfying, loaded with coffee and is one of the best-tasting beers to drink. From the breathtaking bouquet to the lip-licking maple aftertaste you’re going to fall hard for KBBS. If you can find it. Because if there’s one downside here, it’s not with the liquor, but with the fact it’s not widely distributed. If you have the opportunity though don’t waste a second snapping up this top-rated beer. You won’t be sorry. ABV 12%

Where do we hope to find the most beer fans ? Some cities are known as beer cities and here is one of them. Wicked Weed Brewing has made its name producing flavorful beers that are slightly off the beaten path. Along with its original brewery and pub, its Funkatorium is a newer offshoot dedicated to sour ales and other wild-fermented beers. If you can’t make it to every brewery in Asheville from Hi-Wire to Burial in one visit, head over to West Asheville to get a taste of it all the Westville Pub. This neighborhood watering hole always keeps a range of regional favorites on hand, as well as its own brews from All Sevens Brewing. And if you need more Asheville beer recs, check in with White Labs yeast company co-owner Lisa White, who sure knows her way around beer.


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