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5 top attractions in Scandinavia


Northern Europe and particularly Denmark is a wonderful travel destination. Iceland’s Blue Lagoon – This magnificent lake is the perfect temperature to bathe in (39C/102F) and is surrounded by black lava fields covered in green moss.The warm seawater contains minerals and is great for treating the skin, especially those with Psoriasis. This spa is open all year round and has become Iceland’s most visited attraction.The lagoon does fill up fast so it is best to book weeks in advance. You can also upgrade your general admission to receive a mud mask and massage in the water while sipping on a boozy beverage from the inbuilt water bar. It truly is an enchanting experience.

The Northern Lights – Some 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle, Troms?, Norway offers some of the best views of the Northern Lights in all of Scandinavia. There’s no better time to see them than at the end of January, when the former fur trapping center hosts its annual music festival. What to do when your eyes aren’t trained skyward? Embark on an expedition to spot orcas and humpbacks near Whale Island. Nature lovers will find stiff competition in the remote wilderness of Swedish Lapland, where you can see the aurora borealis on horseback after an afternoon of dog sledding or a woodland jaunt aboard a reindeer-driven sleigh. You’ll be hard pressed to find more atmospheric accommodations than the Icehotel, which is rebuilt each year using frozen blocks from the Torne River. Source:

Skagen, Denmark – Set on a narrow spit of land with breezy beaches on both sides, Skagen is Denmark’s northernmost town – and one of its prettiest, too, with mustard-yellow houses lining the streets. Since the Nordic Impressionists arrived here more than a century ago, attracted by the big skies and soft golden light, the artists have kept on coming. Now the town is dotted with galleries, workshops and antiques shops. Cycle a few kilometres northeast of town to the sandbar called Grenen, where Denmark ends, and you can watch two separate seas sloshing together before your eyes.

During your vacation in Sweden, you must visit one of the best places in Stockholm – Nobel Museum. The museum in the city center was opened in 2001 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize. When visiting the museum, you will find out about the entire history of the Nobel Prize, and also learn about the most important people, who have contributed to the global change, life prosperity, earth, and space perception. It is interesting that everyone, who has received the Nobel Prize, has signed-in in the guest’s book of this museum’s cafe.

Suomenlinna Finland fortress – This sea fortress is one Finland’s most popular attractions. There is so much history and culture to be learned here. Originally used for protection of the eastern parts of Europe in the 18th century is now a place of residence and holds many museums. This is a great place to visit all year round and ferries can get very packed on summer days. More info regarding

To get away from the city noise, visit the Kamppi Chapel of Silence. The wooden walls, made from the northern fir, will ensure that no sounds will interfere the quiet inside. Chapel welcomes the representatives of different religions and not only believers but also ordinary passersby. It is important to know that there are no mas or other ceremonies, it is just a peaceful home, where you can concentrate and relax. Tourists like to visit this building for its unique design and simple but impressive environment.

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