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Gambling blocks for Android with Gamban


gamban works with universities around the world to provide free protection for students. Once an education institution has been ‘white-listed’, unlimited members of students can obtain free protection on up to three devices with a verified education email address.

In recent months, several content creators have approached us at gamban? to buy licences for their audience(s). These creators run Youtube video channels that stream slots so people can watch gameplay, share in the excitement of a triggered feature and listen to in-game commentary. At the beginning of this video, The Bandit explains the rationale for offering gamban? to his audience.

At gamban? we feel this shows an incredible duty of care to the prevention of gambling-related harm by both Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel and The Bandit’s Slot Video Channel. We’d like to offer our admiration for the initiative and gesture both channels have made to tackling gambling-related harm within their communities.

Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel:
The Bandit’s Slot Video Channel:

For more information please visit:

Much like the discussion around whether ‘free-to-play’ casino games act as a ‘methadone’ to a ‘heroin addiction’, there may be an argument for using gambling video streams to satisfy an urge without spending (see Do Gambling Streams Help Problem Gamblers).

We would suggest those streamers directly or indirectly promoting skins-gambling across Youtube and Twitch might also want to protect at-risk individuals from gambling-related harm and we would be happy to help.

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