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Excellent real estate market advice in Istanbul right now


High quality real estate market advice in Turkey today? Today, the price per square meter in the project starts from 5800 dollars, while in the old buildings surrounding the project, which do not share the level of finishing, nor even hotel services and amenities in it, high prices start from 6500 dollars per square meter and reach more than 20000 dollars per square meter only, and that is also because Real estate in Nisantasi is sold based on the evaluation of its original owner and there is no specific limit for the price per square meter. Today, when you own your property in this neighborhood at a suitable price, you will have the opportunity to resell it later with good or even fantastic profits if you find a buyer who is completely interested in the property you own (imagine how it would be The demand for this project, which is the only hotel apartment project in this region and also with a large international commercial name).

Istanbul tourism is one of the top reasons to invest in Turkey. Home to the iconic Galata Tower and Dolmabahce Palace as well as the city’s most fashionable boulevard in Istiklal Caddesi, the neighborhoods across Galata Bridge provide an interesting mix of old and new that’s different in feel to the time-honored charm of Sultanahmet. If you enjoy shopping, good food, and perhaps a taste of Istanbul’s nightlife, then this is where you need to be. You can check my post on Galata Bridge, Beyoglu, and Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul for more pictures and information, but here’s a quick rundown of what you a can find there: As described, you can visit all these sites on your own, but you may want to consider a guided tour as well, especially if you want to learn more about each place.

Undoubtedly, a big lure for investors with their eye on the bottom line are the mega projects of Istanbul that when complete are predicted to raise property values even more than they have done already. The mega project on everyone’s lips at the moment is the new Istanbul third airport that when complete in 2028, will be the world’s transport hub. Investors are also buying up land and houses on the European side where the Istanbul Canal project will take place. Districts like Kucukcekmece are seeing a flurry of interest for value for money apartments for sale in Istanbul, because of the project that will create a mini city within a city. Discover extra info at construction companies in Turkey. Many beginners in real estate investing in Turkey are looking for quick profit, which makes them rush in their decisions and they often end up in loss. The real estate sector is one of the most growing sectors in Turkey which provides all investors with a good investment return, but the key to success in this sector is time. Investor’s efforts must first be based on understanding the market and then choosing the best property in terms of region and quality. Then wait, as one real estate investment expert says. “Real estate investors are the only ones who make money while they are asleep.”

A location that has unique characteristics that make it distinct from the neighboring properties, and this is the cornerstone that will make this investment a successful investment, whether when renting the property or when reselling it later. The banks of the Bosphorus are strategically located in every inch of it, but the real estate near the Bosphorus, as we talked about in a previous article: What type of property should I buy in Istanbul? They are rare first-row properties suitable for high budgets above a million dollars for the rows after the first row, but what about a property in Sisli, Maslak or Kadikoy with a view of the Bosphorus? If we talk about a high and modern residential tower in these central areas with a view, even if far from the Bosphorus, then we are talking about a rare painting and therefore it is desirable, whether for rent with a high return or for resale later to an investor who loves to collect rare art paintings, contemplate this view: Even if the view was not so close, but was in the Sisli area, for example, it would also be distinctive and desirable.

Today, buying a property at a meter price less than the average price of neighboring properties is an important opportunity and every investor must find this property to ensure a high rate of profits. The properties that achieve all the investment advantages, but the prices per meter are high compared to the region will achieve a successful investment, but not conditional on time (ie. You can resell your property only when you find a buyer who is completely interested in him, and that could be after a year or after ten years). As a practical example of this, the Serantepe Maslak area near the Istanbul Valley Mall at the beginning of 2020 included a few options of projects under construction such as the Avangart project, and the investor wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship was entitled to obtain two apartments, each with a room and a hall in this project. Today, in the middle of 2021, after the completion of the project, which is the last in this region, the investor can obtain one apartment (if available) in this project with a budget of Turkish citizenship of 250 thousand dollars, and thus the investments in this project have doubled by 100% in less than two years. Find more details at

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