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ou want to watch your favourite TV show when youre supposed to be rehearsing? Dont panic, a lot can be achieved by holding your guitar and constantly swapping from one chord to another or playing scales without plucking the strings with your right hand. What youre doing is still training your left hand to play its all solid practice. Good technique is locked-in habits when youre playing. With your thumb on the back of the neck, remember?

Playing to a click track is really hard at first, but the advantages later on are immeasurable. Your sense of rhythm and timing will get an early boost, if you try using a metronome soon in your career. However, dont stress about it too much and make sure you set the beats-per-minute (BPM) to something very slow. The idea is to get used to playing in time and at a steady tempo, but dont rush this at the expense of learning technique. By the way, youll find heaps of metronome apps on the internet. And, here are 5 ways you can use a metronome to improve your guitar playing.

Playing some chords is harder than others. An F Major done properly, for example, requires a barre chord on the first fret and its a real challenge for new players. Trouble is, an F Major is a seriously important chord for many simple songs and unless you want to use a capo to avoid it (not a good idea, you cant dodge it forever), youre going to have to grit your teeth and learn it. The same applies for a B Minor, another barre chord (see below). Some seventh and ninth chords will tangle your fingers big-time and seem impossible.

Dont shun the hard chords, just because theyre a pain to learn. Even though it can be really frustrating spend more time on them, practice these constantly and the musical doors will open to a lot more songs and some impressive playing. Trust me, you wont regret it doing the hard yards.

So Which Chord Progression one can play on guitar easily? To be very Honest, Almost every chord progression is easy to play. It just depends on the practice youve done with your guitar. But as the articles say, here we are listing some beautiful & easy chord progressions which can be learned and played easily Learn more about Chords for any song.

This tip is from Joe Satriani: It seems silly, but if your fingers dont go to a certain place its because you havent challenged them. One day, when I was a teenager, I decided that I was going to learn every chord in a Joe Pass chord book I had. I worked on it every day; theres no substitute for bonehead repetition. The great thing is, once you get used to this exercise, youll literally force your fingers to go from chord to chord to chordchords that have no relation to each otherand great things can come from that.

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