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Online CEU’s supplier for recreational therapists


NCTRC pre-approved online courses for recreational therapists or making sure the professionals stay professional. One CEU is defined as ten (10) contact hours of participation in an organized continuing education experience. Fractions of units can also be awarded (5 hours = 0.5 units). Courses with less than 5 contact hours cannot be approved for CEU credits.

Occupational therapy (OT) is very important for initiating gentle, active measurements and preliminary desensitization techniques among patients who have chronic pain, especially regional chronic pain syndrome. Recreational therapy can help the patient with chronic pain to take part in pleasurable activities that help to decrease pain. The patient finds enjoyment and socialization in previously lost recreational activities or in new ones.

Standards for CEUs: The IACET, or International Association of Continuing Education and Training, has established the criteria for CEUs to make standard procedures for issuing these credits. Any business, organization or academic institution must be willing to meet these standards in order to give out verified CEUs. Most CEUs are not eligible for college credit, but are instead only used to measure non-credit courses that apply to a particular industry or profession.

Where do they work? The settings recreational therapists work in are as varied as the type of patients they work with. In addition to clinical settings such as hospitals, inpatient care facilities and mental health centers, many work in community centers and school systems. And they’re increasingly working in private practices, according to ATRA. Stephanie Lopes? graduated in 2012 from Eastern Washington University with a bachelors of arts in therapeutic recreation. She now works at a residential facility for children and youth with mental health challenges in Washington. “It’s nice to know that if I ever decide that [mental health] isn’t where I want to be anymore, I still have so many other options,” she says. Read extra info at Online CE Provider For Recreational Therapists.

CEUs are often pursued by employees that sign up for accredited continuing education programs to sharpen their skills and upon completion receive certificates or licenses that will allow them to continue to practice their services. Therefore, CEUs are necessary for certain service related professionals like engineers, educators, lawyers, nurses, architects, mental health professionals, and financial planners who are often mandated by their accrediting body or institution to earn a certain number of CEU credits every so often.

We accomplish quality, affordability, and convenience through employing Recreational Therapist experts to teach our courses and through our use of our powerful Learning Management System (LMS) which: Manages your learning progress so you can start/stop/resume courses at your convenience from your computer, Keeps track of all your CE that you complete on our site for your personal records, Allows you to get instant access to your completion certificates for no additional costs! Source:

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