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Graffiti art in Australia


Trying to find graffiti art in Melbourne? Blackbook Ink graffiti artist professionals can create fabulous urban art on most surfaces and we utilise premium-quality paint for our work which is UV-resistant and we add on a UV-based clear coat or anti-graffiti coating for additional protection of your wall art. Techniques such as scribing and stencil graffiti are among the methods involved in producing truly magnificent pieces of urban art. Blackbook Ink can create graffiti art on billboards and on community spaces making public venues stand out in the crowd. We create bold artwork and have an extensive portfolio of established art which you can select from or provide our artists with what your imagination and vision entails and we can work to turn it into a reality.

Graffiti history nice thing to know : Byzantine mosaic decoration evinced the greatest respect for organic architectural form. The great artists of the Renaissance, on the other hand, attempted to create an illusionistic feeling for space, and the masters of the subsequent Baroque period obtained such radical effects as to seem to dissolve almost entirely the walls or ceilings. Apart from its organic relation to architecture, a second characteristic of mural painting is its broad public significance. The mural artist must conceive pictorially a social, religious, or patriotic theme on the appropriate scale in reference both to the structural exigencies of the wall and to the idea expressed.

Guests will be amazed by some of the world’s most talented graffiti artists. Our graffiti artists create custom artworks live at nightclubs, parties, festivals, promotional events and conventions in front of amazed spectators across Australia. The way we work is new and exciting and always creates a buzz as a main attraction, accompaniment or interval spectacle. Find extra information at Perth Graffiti Artists.

Do I need to provide a design or do you do it? We prefer to design and paint all of our artwork. If you have a design you would like then we can discuss this. Though changes will generally have to be made to the client supplied design for various reasons. We encourage our clients to provide us with reference images of artwork you have seen. That you like and we can provide a concept for you based from, but please note we do not paint other artists work/images.

Artwork is tailored to suit desired themes and fit event time-frames. We have a number of ways in which your guests can get interactive with the artwork. Use live art as a unique way to spread a message or create awareness for your brand /product. Our temporary free-standing walls require minimal set up and break down times. We use low odour spray paint that is perfect for use at indoor venues, amongst crowds of people. Find additional details on Sydney Graffiti Artists.

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