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Tips for Choosing the Right Estate Planning Attorney for You


While it is important to have an attorney that you can trust, it is equally important that he or she has extensive experience in the area of law for which you require their services. For example, you should you use an attorney with estate planning experience to draft your will, a divorce attorney to draft divorce papers and a trial lawyer to defend you in a criminal case. General practitioners are good for basic real estate transactions, or other non-complex matter, but their lack of detailed knowledge and experience in a given field can hurt your case.
Consider the Size of the Firm You’d Be Dealing With

There are advantages to hiring a lawyer from a small firm. In most cases, you receive personalized, prompt attention. In addition, the lawyer representing you will probably have a fairly large amount of time to dedicate to your case. This may not be the situation at large firms, where attorneys must often juggle numerous cases and may have many responsibilities to the firm and its partners that could draw their attention away from your needs.

Is the Attorney a Published Author in the Area of Estate Planning? Ask each attorney if they have a book, have published articles or a web site with relevant information they have written so that you can find out more about his or her qualifications and experience before you walk in the door. Forget Fancy Slogans and Hype: Slogans like we care for you, we help you avoid probate or we help you protect your assets are absolutely meaningless. After all, arent these the things that you would expect from your estate planning attorney?

Visit websites of attorneys and law firms. Once you have the names of some attorneys or firms you’re interested in pursuing, check out their website to research further into their background and practice.

Keep in mind that an attorney’s website is also a marketing tool. You are seeing what he wants you to see, so the things he chooses to emphasize or promote on his website give you a good idea of his interests and his professional comfort zone.
Look at any background or biographical information the attorney has listed. You not only want to review this for experience and education in estate planning, you also want to see if the attorney seems like someone you can relate to. For example, maybe you have a beagle, and you notice on one attorney’s bio page that he says he breeds beagles. Since your estate planner will likely be in your life for a long time, it can be important to have common interests.
Pay attention to the attorney’s social media presence. If she has active social media accounts that are updated regularly, or runs a blog where she regularly posts about new developments in the law, you can be assured that she is responsive to her clients and keeps up-to-date on important issues in her practice area.

Looking for a Estate planning attorney in Sacramento area ? The Law Offices of Brian D. Russ is a full-service law firm serving clients throughout the Sacramento region in estate planning and general litigation support. Brian earned his Juris Doctorate from the McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, California. Brian passed the California bar on his first attempt and is licensed to practice law in California (Bar #318281).. Call or text me today to discuss your situation: (916) 750-5155. Or send me an email at

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Top travel sites to visit in Cambodia


Sihanoukville, also known as Kampong Som, is a port city and beach resort on the Gulf of Thailand. The big attraction here are the white-sand beaches and several undeveloped tropical islands. Sihanoukville is a good place to relax and unwind, though be prepared to battle the crows during the high season or a holiday weekend.

Cambodia Landmine Museum

Cambodia Landmine Museum is the result of tireless work from landmine victim Aki Ra, who has contributed towards the huge operations to rid the country of explosives left over from the war. The museum, which is close to the Butterfly Centre, houses a collection of mines, mortars, and other weapons, as well as tells the stories of some of the countrys countless victims.

Bokor Mountain, Kampot

The 42-mile drive from Kampot town to Bokors peak is a bikers dream, with it only accessible to motorbikes and cars. It is home to the Popokvil waterfall, a giant Buddhist statue, an abandoned Bokor Hill Station, a giant casino, derelict church, unparalleled views, and a refreshingly cool climate. Looking for Private Home Siem Reap?

Cambodia’s capital is the frenetic heartbeat of the nation; a city of chaotic streets abuzz with motorbikes and car horns that can frazzle at first glance. Deserted completely during the Khmer Rouge madness and left to wither and decay, Phnom Penh has bounced back to become one of Southeast Asia’s most dynamic cities. For visitors, this is Cambodia’s most cosmopolitan destination, with a caf and restaurant scene unrivaled in the rest of the country. It’s also home to a scattering of important historic sites that help unravel both Cambodia’s modern and ancient history. The National Museum is home to a swag of Khmer sculpture that traces the nation’s history from the pre-Angkorian age right through to the phenomenal majesty of the god-Kings of Angkor. The Royal Palace provides gorgeous examples of traditional artistry, while Tuol Sleng Museum and the killing fields of Choeung Ek speak of the horror and brutality the people of this country suffered under Khmer Rouge rule.

Tonle Sap is Cambodia’s most important waterway and Southeast Asia’s largest freshwater lake. As well as being an important source of food and a vital tool for Cambodian irrigation, the lake itself is home to 170 floating villages that depend on fishing for their livelihood, with homes built directly on the water. The houses, shops, churches, schools, and temples of these villages are built on rustic buoy foundations of lashed together barrels and bamboo, and all transport is by boat. They’re a fascinating place to spend a day exploring. One of the most interesting is the sprawling village of Kompong Luong, near the town of Pursat on Tonle Sap’s western shore, although the most popular village to visit is Chong Kneas near Siem Reap.

If you are looking for a serene place that offers you myriad natural attractions under one roof, Tonle Sap Lake, or the Great Lake in Siem Reap, Cambodia is the perfect place. Here you can experience the various ecologically rich elements in their full forms. The place is also famous for its floating villages and migratory birds.

Highlights With a maximum length of 250km, this is the biggest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. During 1997, this place was designated as an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. This is probably the only place in Cambodia where you can witness close to 100 types of water birds and 200 species of fishes.

Location Lower Mekong Basin.

Timings All through the year.

Price There are various lake tours available to take tourists through Tonle Sap. Prices differ as per the routes and time covered. A basic lake tour starts from around USD29 onwards.
1955 Melbourne Residence Sra Nge District, Kaksekam Village Siem Reap, 17260
Phone: 097 588 9999
WeChat ID: VRsiemreap
LINE ID: VRsiemreap

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Buy trekking equipment


The Eternal Question: Should you buy a backpack or suitcase?

I have a confession: I hate suitcases for long trips. If youre traveling around the world, your luggage is going to get thrown about and piled high on buses in random countries. It will get used and abused and its simply hard to walk up hills and stairs with your suitcase bumping everywhere. Try carrying a suitcase up five flights of stairs in a tiny place in Italy! Its a pain! Suitcases are great for weekends away or if youll be staying in one place for a long time. I always use a carry on suitcase on my short trips. But, if you are moving around a lot and backpacking around the world, it is far better to have a proper backpack. They are simply more versatile, easier to carry up flights of stairs, pack into tight places, and overall, they just make life simpler. I dont need to pick them up when getting on the escalator. Or drag them up a flight of stairs or across cobblestone streets.

Internal frame The majority of backpacks today are internal-frame packs, meaning the support rods and frame are built into the backpack and hidden from view. However, there some are still external-frame backpacks, where the rods are separate from the actual pack and stick out (think of those backpacks you see in old hiking movies or movies about people backpacking Europe in the 1970s a big, clunky metal frame). Dont get one of those. Make sure you buy a backpack with an internal frame. It not only looks better but the rods wont get caught on anything and your bag will also be slimmer, making moving around easier. Additionally, internal-frame packs tend to be lighter as the frame is composed of a carbon fiber or tough plastic, which makes them easier on your back as well as more durable. Extra info : Shop online outdoor sports equipment with SportyOuta!

Hiking gear : The second layer, or insulation layer, is a versatile layer and can be used in your layering system over your base layer, or indeed as a standalone layer that you wear over your trekking shirt when temperatures start to drop. They also come in great use at night when it can get very cold out.

Our preferred second layers consist of synthetic mid-weight Polartec fleece materials. These are great for warmth and comfort, but also provide brilliant breathability. Polartec fleece jackets come in three main types: 100s, 200s and 300s. The 100s are super light but not warm enough, whereas the 300s provide great warmth but are a little heavy. We recommend going for a 200 Polartec fleece jacket.

Backpacking Essentials : Follow These Simple Backpacking Tips for the Best Results:

Carry your heaviest backpacking equipment near the center of your back. This will keep the center of gravity near your back and provide better dynamic balance, stability and lifting power while moving.
Carry camera equipment & backpacking gear that requires quick access in the top or side pockets. This will ensure you dont have to unpack your backpacking equipment every time you need something.
Pack each item in the same place, every time. Over time you will remember exactly where you packed certain items. This will allow you to quickly pack and unpack at camp or on the trail.

Hiking shoes : Backpacking boots: These are designed to carry heavier loads on multiday trips deep into the backcountry. Most have a high cut that wraps above the ankles for excellent support. Durable and supportive, with stiffer midsoles than lighter footwear, they are suitable for on- or off-trail travel. Materials impact a boots weight, breathability, durability and water resistance. Split-grain leather: Split-grain leather is usually paired with nylon or nylon mesh to create a lightweight boot that offers excellent breathability. Split-grain leather “splits away” the rougher inner part of the cowhide from the smooth exterior. The benefit is lower cost, however, the downside is less resistance to water and abrasion (though many feature waterproof liners). is a sports, outdoors and trekking equipment online store.

5 top attractions in Ibiza,Corsica and other Mediterranean


Located at the southernmost tip of Spain yet belonging to the United Kingdom, Gibraltar is a little drop of Britishness among a sea of Spanish culture. Cutesy tea rooms, greasy fish and chip shops, and hundreds of Barbary apes are just some of the quirks of this most controversial of rocks.

Melissani Cave, Kefalonia, Greece The famous cave hides a wonderful turquoise water lake. Surrounded with the forest on the outside, the rocky cave has a hole above, which lets light in. Therefore the boats, that bring visitors in, seem to be floating in the air!

Why to go there? One of the most famous attractions on the island.

When to go there? All year round.

The colorful southern coast of France was a muse for French artist Henri Matisse, who came to Nice in 1917 in the hope the sunny climate would cure his pneumonia. He stayed until his death in 1952. The city of Nice turned a 17th-century villa into a museum showcasing works from various stages of his career. The paintings are complemented by black and white photographs of Matisse at work, as well as his personal belongings.

This packet of Mediterranean islands (Malta, Gozo, Comino) are surrounded by the clear blue water (it’s a top spot for diving!) and they’re still relatively undiscovered. Whilst they’re mere pocket sized islands, the blue lagoon in Comino and the megalithic ruins in Mnajdra will make you feel like you’re discovering a new world.
Where to stay in Malta?

The Radisson Blu is just five minutes from Paul’s Bay and Malta’s sandiest beach. If you’re here for the Game of Thrones filming locations, you should definitely stay in Valletta – the capital of Malta. Thrones fan? Read our full guide to the Game of Thrones filming locations for Malta, Spain and Ireland.
How to get there?

Luqa Airport is Malta’s main airport, just seven km out of Valletta. It takes 30 minutes to reach Mellieha from the airport by taxi. Want to explore the island? It’s strongly recommended that you rent a car in Malta.

Dutch viewers : Een van de meest bezochte steden aan de Middellandse Zee, Dubrovnik is een must-see bestemming ongeacht de tijd van het jaar. In de zomer trekken de stranden zonaanbidders en feestgangers aan, terwijl de koudere maanden de perfecte tijd zijn om het historische centrum van Dubrovnik en de prachtige kalksteenstraten te verkennen. Extra details on Website.

Melissani-grot, Kefalonia, Griekenland De beroemde grot verbergt een prachtig turkoois watermeer. Omringd door het bos aan de buitenkant, heeft de rotsgrot een gat erboven, dat licht binnenlaat. Daarom lijken de boten, die bezoekers binnen brengen, in de lucht te zweven!

Waarom er heen gaan? Een van de meest beroemde attracties op het eiland.

Wanneer moet je daar heen? Het hele jaar door. Meer informatie at Corsica vakantie.

Een van de oudste en beroemdste kunstmusea ter wereld, de Uffizi is de thuisbasis van de grootste en meest indrukwekkende kunstcollectie van Itali?. De naam van het museum, Italiaans voor het woord “kantoren”, komt van het oorspronkelijke gebruik van het paleis als een kantoorgebouw, ontworpen door de grote Giorgio Vasari voor aristocraat Cosimo I de ‘Medici. Het werd vervolgens gebruikt om de grote collectie schilderijen en sculpturen van de Medici-familie tentoon te stellen en zodoende werd de Uffizi geboren. Hoogtepunten van de werken van het museum zijn onder andere de Madonna van de distelvink door Raphael (onlangs gerenoveerd), de geboorte van Venus en Primavera door Sandro Botticelli, Slag om San Romano door Paolo Uccello, Michelangelo’s Doni Tondo, Titian’s Venus van Urbino Bacchus door Caravaggio. Voor een werkelijk unieke ervaring boekt u een priv?tour door de Vasari Corridor, de met kunst gevulde geheime doorgang over de Ponte Vecchio die de Uffizi verbindt met het Palazzo Pitti.

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Airsoft Law and Regulation in California


Most airsoft guns fire 6mm plastic pellets (or BBs) at relatively low speeds which are fast enough to feel, but slow enough not to cause serious injury. They can fire the BBs up to ranges of 150ft, but are a lot less painful than a paintball when they hit you. Many weapons have both semi and full auto capability and often replicate their real world counterparts in look, feel, cycling action and sometimes weight. Airsoft guns look so much like the real thing they are legally classed as a Realistic Imitation Firearm (RIF) by the government.

For the past 7 years, airsoft have grown as an industry and earned its place in our hearts. A big thanks to all the entrepreneurs and airsoft communities. Now, many of us are looking to turn airsoft into a legitimate sport.

Gun Barrel

Dirt and shattered BBs get stuck in your barrel over time, which can lead to jam/dry fire later on. Be sure to clean your barrel after every airsoft game using your cleaning rod, a piece of soft cloth, and pure silicon oil to help remove the dirt and smooth your barrel

Also, check your barrel to make sure that it’s not dented. A slight imperfection in your barrel will lead to a drastic difference in performance. For barrel types, you should get a tight bore steel barrel over a brass/aluminum barrel because they are more likely to bend and break

As for barrel diameter, it depends on where you’re playing. 6.03mm is suited for indoor whereas 6.05mm and over is for outdoor. The farther away your usual target is, the larger of a barrel your hop-up will need to reach that target. If your barrel is too small, your hop-up will not be able to spin your BBs to help it fight gravity and air friction. More at TheAirsoftSport Blog.

Strip Your Gun of BBs and Put It on Safety

When the airsoft game is over, everyone will be heading out of the field to reload/pack up. At this point, everyone’s face protection will be off, and a lot of possibilities for your airsoft gun to accidentally hurt someone

A direct shot into someone’s eyes at 150FPS can render them blind PERMANENTLY. The last thing you want is someone filing a lawsuit against you. You can break an arm and a leg financially going through all that process

For your sake and everyone else, remove your magazine and fire a couple of shots to empty the loaded BBs. Put your gun on safety then head out. The same applies even when you’re at home.


There are penalties if you break the law in California. For first offenders, it is $1,000, $5,000 for a second time, and for every subsequent violation, the penalty is $10,000

Airsoft Law and Regulation in California-Controlling Possessions

Minors Cannot Buy

The California Law does not permit selling Airsoft guns to minors or anyone aging below 18 years old. You need to have your valid ID if you wanted to buy airsoft equipment

Minors Cannot Carry

Minors are prohibited from furnishing airsoft guns without the company of an adult. A minor carrying Airsoft gun without an is illegal

The Camera Man

Have someone come up to you to ask “Am I recording?” We personally experienced an entire team full of these guys.

These people record games for a variety of reasons. Capture their play of the game, spot cheater, collect footage for Youtube, or to help them improve their skills.

Most of the time, these guys can be entertaining to watch Extra details on TheAirsoftSport Blog.

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Trekking Everest base camp 2019


Top advices : Don’t eat meat after Namche Bazaar Meat is carried up the mountain. They do not kill the animals on site. Sherpas trek the meat in for days and it is not guaranteed to be fresh.

Stay Out of the Sun Whenever Possible. The higher you go up in altitude, the lower the levels of UV Protection you are getting. Some days on the trail, the sun can be brutal, giving you solar radiation from its powerful rays. Staying out of the sun is not only good for minimizing those pesky wrinkles and avoiding skin cancer, but it can also improve your chance of being successful on the trek. When you get sunburned you become dehydrated, and back to the tip of keeping yourself hydrated, being dehydrated can cause all sorts of problems in the mountains and eventually limiting your chance of success. Of course, when you are walking during the day, there may be no cover from those potent rays, but you need to take as much care as possible to minimize those harsh emissions. The first way to protect yourself if by applying a factor 50 sunblock throughout the day. The mountain is not the place to top up that holiday tan you are hoping to bring back to work with you on your return home, when you get back to Kathmandu after the climb, you can do as you please, but while in the mountains, you need to block those harmful rays from your skin. The second way of protecting yourself is to always wear your goofy looking, yet extremely important, sun hat. Get yourself a light weight, brimmed sunhat to wear on days when the sun is shining and you will save yourself from some of the dreaded headaches you so adamantly want to avoid.

180retreats is launching a trekking expedition on the Everest in April 2019, read more on Everest Retreats. Our first night will include a rooftop sunset on our hotel where well gather for opening circle and some light yoga. Well catch an early dinner with optional dancing at a traditional Nepalese spot popular among natives and westerners alike.

Top advices : Respect local culture. When trekking Prayer rocks, walls and flags are meant to be kept to the right at all times. It is a custom to follow what the local people believe. Also, ask before taking any photographs, many people do not want their photos taken.

Make Sure to Eat Enough We provide three meals a day on the trek and a hot drink with each meal. If youre hungry Dal Bhatt will be your best option as it is served as an all you can eat dish. This is the traditional Nepali dish that consists of rice, dal, a vegetable and a papad (fry bread) and pickle. We recommend the vegetarian options since the meat on the mountain is not very hygienic. Its okay to eat the Yak cheese and eggs but take it easy on the cheese. Here is a good video showing the typical food and menu options.

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